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Suffixe, the high-tech cloakrooms...

  Suffixe is specialized in the development of changing rooms for swimming pools, water centers, skating rinks... and offers you a wide range of tailor-made equipment fitting your needs : cubicle , changing room locker, bench with hook rail...


  You are an architect, project owner, research organization, program manager :

  Suffixe is here to offer you the advice you need to ensure the best layout of changing rooms for swimming pools and other water centers. The experience we gained over more than 300 sites enables us to bring you innovative, flexible and sustainable solutions.

Aménagement de vestiaire de piscine par Suffixes

Suffixe, a continuous innovation...


   Our design department monitors closely the technical evolutions so that the users and the administrators of aquatic centers can benefit from it. In this particular context appeared Pyxis®, a revolutionary locker thanks to both its design and its technology. 100% recycled, anti-vandalism and easy to use, it brings you aesthetic, safety, strength and inviolability.


Our other product lines are also regularly revisited :

* new materials,

* new colours,

* new products...


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Casiers bleu vestiaire de piscine par Suffixe Multi casier rouge aménagment d'un vestiaire de piscine banc sur pieds d'un vestiaire de piscine


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